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$220,200 Approved for Beaver Dam Lake Project

Fish Kill Correspondence from DNR - 5/28/2021

From: Mark Baldock, WI DNR Fisheries Management Technician-Advanced

To:  Karen Huber, BDLIA President

"We received a complaint about a fish kill on Beaver Dam Lake Wednesday.  Upon investigation, we noticed that thousands of last year’s common carp were dead or in poor states.  They showed signs of sloughing skin and cloudy eyes.  I was able to collect some samples to be taken to the lab for analysis.  We don’t have any information yet, but wanted to make sure that you were aware we are investigating the situation.  We will keep you posted as information becomes available.  Can you please share with me contact information of others that should be made aware of the situation and pass the word to use good judgement and stay away from areas of dead fish?"

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