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Catfish Samples @ Pepperfest

Our Catfish Volunteers

Our Catfish Volunteers

Catfish Samples Went Fast

Catfish Samples Went Fast

This past spring, the Beaver Dam Pepper Festival Committee approached me about having a BDLIA booth at their event. At the time we were developing our campaign to have more people catch and eat catfish from Beaver Dam Lake.

The Pepper Festival Committee thought a good sauce made with Beaver Dam Peppers would be a great compliment to the fried catfish.

With support from Mike from Bayside, who not only agreed to develop such a sauce, but would furnish the fryer and other equipment needed to make the fish on site. He also agreed to add catfish to his Friday night Fish Buffet menu AND furnish a $1 off coupon for his Friday night buffet.

With the support of Mike and the Pepper Festival Committee, I agreed this was a good opportunity to support our catch and eat more catfish campaign.

Pete attempted to get some catfish for me from the lake, but with his tight schedule and a lake that was not producing catches of anything, we went ahead with Mike furnishing us the catfish.

We decided that 600 samples would be more than enough, which Mike made up for us from 20 pounds of catfish. He made over 10 gallons of a tartar sauce with just enough Beaver Dam Peppers to give it a great flavor with a little bit of bite.

Evonne did all the frying and I was fortunate to get Ron, Karen, Chuck, and our newest board member, Dean to help us out. We started serving our samples at 10:00 am and gave out the last sample about 2:45 pm. We had a difficult time keeping up the demand. See picture below of our booth.

Observations from the day:
- Believe it or not, I noted that of the people that came by the booth only about 12 people turned up their nose at catfish. Everyone else tried it, including many who had never eaten it. Not one person didn’t like the taste.
- They really enjoyed the Beaver Dam Pepper tartar sauce. We could have sold a lot of this if we had it. We gave them a coupon for Bayside and told them to enjoy it and ask Mike for the recipe.

Measured by the people who found out that catfish is one of the fish they should be catching and eating more of from Beaver Dam Lake, this was a successful promotion. As a side benefit, people appreciated having BDLIA at the festival and we had many Support the Lake District signs at the booth.

Dodge Co Farmers for Healthy Soil - Healthy Water

The Dodge County Healthy Soil – Healthy Water organization is having a Cover Crop Showcase at 5:00 pm on Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at a farm located at N4426 Lake View Rd in Hutisford.

The 5:00 showcase is an opportunity for lake property owners and others interested in seeing firsthand how farmers are using cover crops to protect soil runoff in addition to improving the soil health. You will see a variety of cover crops in test plots and there will be a soil pit where Jamie Patton, UWEx Soil Specialist, will show and demonstrate the value of these root systems. For more info, call BDLIA at 920-356-1200. There is no cost and demo will last about one hour.

[Event Overview Flyer]

Boatlift & Pier Services

2018 27’ Tri-toon Fork Barge

2018 27’ Tri-toon Fork Barge

Do you enjoy your lakefront property but dread the annual installation and removal of your lake equipment? If so, we can help!

The Beaverland Must-Skis Water Ski Show Team offers boat lift and pier services as a fundraiser for the team. We can make short work of your spring or fall equipment installation/removal with the help of our latest addition, a 2018 27’ Tri-toon Fork Barge, which is equipped with a dual axis hydraulic bed and fully extendable forks. This addition to our Lake Services Fleet will safely and easily handle your lake equipment from the shore to the water and back. Let our years of experience on the water work for you.

Contact Tom Stebbins at (920) 763-4057 Or by Email [email protected]

Support for the Formation of a Lake District

The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association is supporting the formation of a public inland lake protection and rehabilitation district as the best way to manage Beaver Dam Lake.

A lake district is a recognized unit of government that could be most effective at obtaining funding, enlisting technical assistance and pooling the efforts of people, as well as private and public agencies.

A Lake District is formed by the Dodge County Board when 51% of the property owners in the proposed district sign a petition supporting the formation of a Lake District. Those petitions are being mailed to property owners who own property that touches the Beaver Dam Lake.

Along with the petition was a map of the proposed district and a Q&A providing information on a Lake District along with an illustrative budget detailing an example of a Lake District budget. (click below for a copy of this information). All Lake District budgets must be approved by the Lake District property owners thus this is only an example.

The property owners were encouraged to sign the petition and return it to the BDLIA. They were also invited to attend one of 4 informational meetings that are scheduled for April 21, 22, 25 and 26 at John’s Bar, 1201 Madison St in Beaver Dam. (see our schedule of events for times of these meetings)
[Lake District Q&A's]     [Lake District Map]

Accepting Healthy Lakes Grant Applications

BDLIA received two Healthy Lakes grant applications for 2018.

Please contact us if you are interested in applying for 2019. You can qualify for up to $1,000 in grant money for native gardens, rain gardens and other projects. Follow this link for Healthy Lakes project descriptions

For more information and an application, contact BDLIA.

If you are interested in filing a grant application for 2019, please contact us. The deadline for filing with BDLIA will be in January 2019.

If you want to implement a project on your own without hiring a contractor, see the following example and completed layout to help you.
[Read More Here]     [Sample Form Template]

Fish Stocking

Fish Being Stocked in Beaver Dam Lake

Fish Being Stocked in Beaver Dam Lake

The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association had three major fish stockings of walleye, perch and bluegills in Beaver Dam Lake over the past month. In late September, 5,560 six to eight inch walleyes were placed in the lake. This is to supplement the DNR’s stocking of 215,000 small fingerlings last year. The DNR walleye stocking is done every other year. In October, over 20,000 three to five inch yellow perch were placed in the lake. This was followed with the stocking of over 71,500 two to four inch bluegills in early November.

BDLIA was again offered a great end of season price on bluegills by one of BDLIA’s suppliers. The committee took advantage of the offer, as bluegills are a favorite of the pan fish anglers on the lake and bluegills are an excellent predator of carp eggs.

This fall’s fish stocking continued BDLIA’s very aggressive fish stocking program. In the fall of 2106, similar numbers of the same species were stocked. “This program combined with our work with providing more fish habitat has helped in producing some good fishing on Beaver Dam Lake this summer and early fall. The perch and walleye fishing were particularly good,” stated Randy Schade, Chair of the Fish Program Committee.

The BDLIA fish stocking programs are supported with funds from contributions, donations, the fundraising banquet and fish tournaments. “Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to invest over $40,000 in our stocking programs over the past two years,” stated Bill Boettge, President of BDLIA. “Funds donated to BDLIA are invested back into the lake via these stocking programs, as well as our work at improving water quality.”

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