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Winter Aeration

Over 20 volunteers from the Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association took on sub-zero temperatures on Saturday, January 6 to deploy four aerators on Beaver Dam Lake. Two aerators were placed near Skunk Island and two near Axehead (Meinders) Island. The volunteers also roped off large areas to protect people on the ice for snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc., as the aerators create large areas of open water.

With the extremely cold weather recently, the ice is 8 to 15 inches thick and this can reduce oxygen levels dangerously low for fish survival. BDLIA monitors the oxygen level in the lake at 7 different locations. The recent reading taken on January 9 showed the average oxygen level was below what the average has been for that date the last 7 years. The open water created by the aeration system helps maintain the oxygen levels in the water.

The aeration equipment, its deployment and operation is supported by the BDLIA and the Beaver Dam Lake Development Corporation.

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Ice Safety Warning

While the ice is about 18 inches thick in most places, there are many areas where it is not safe:

Below is a picture of a car that tried to drive over one of the ice heaves on January 13, 2018. This is dangerous and expensive.

The MN Dept. of Natural Resources published the illustration below to provide general guidelines. However, as the illustration states, "Ice is Never 100% Safe!"

click here for more information from the Minnesota DNR
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